Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, March for Science Day, and UC Davis Give Day! All our projects are coming to fruition!

"I feel that when the human race acquired the technology and evolved the intelligence necessary to build an industrial society, it also acquired the moral obligation to understand and monitor its impact on the rest of the world." -Sharon Gray

Today until 5pm Pacific time there is fundraising push by UC Davis with the Sharon Gray Memorial Award promoted on the front page (see link on homepage). The UC Davis Sharon Gray Memorial Award has raised an additional $25,000 to support mentoring women or underrepresented populations in the biological sciences. 

We are finalizing the Visa paperwork for our first Ethiopian female science exchange! We worked with Dr. Siobhan Brady, the College of Biological Sciences, the Department of Plant Biology and the UC Davis Genome center to write a successful grant to UC Davis Global Affairs. In total there is now $15,000 in additional funding for this portion of the project. We will post an update when our first exchange starts. 

Thank you again for your support!