Information About Sara

We are so grateful for this support! 

Here is some information about the first scientist we would like this fund to go towards:

"When we visited the labs on Tuesday, she was so excited to come back to help train the scientists and to help them use the equipment to which they had access, but were not knowledgeable on using. In particular, she spoke about Sara, a young scientist that attended our seminar on Monday and who gave us the tour of the Molecular Biology lab on Tuesday. Sharon spoke with Sara on Monday and that evening began to talk about how it would be wonderful to train Sara and to even bring her to UC Davis to make sure she learned the processes. On Tuesday, she became even more excited about working with Sara and when we left, she gave Sarah her contact information, a hug and some kisses on the cheeks. She saw the eagerness to learn in Sara and that the environment was the only restriction to her education, something she really wanted to help alleviate. I truly hope that this dream of Sharon's can become a reality. I know she would be so happy for Sara."

-Tracy Raines, AgBiome, Sharon's Teammate on Ethiopian Project